“Danielle was invaluable during my recent book launch. Not only did she coordinate my blog tour and keep all the details straight for me, she was always willing to help out with whatever projects I needed. She designed and got me some amazing rack cards, and helped me with travel arrangements and website updates without blinking. She was cheerful, helpful, wonderful to work with, and made my life a whole lot easier. I am deeply grateful.”

Alex Hughes, author of the Mindspace Investigation Series

“Danielle’s been a lifesaver. She saved me from having to go through a whole new website design by figuring out some formatting/design/widget issues my site was having. She also helped me strategize a yearlong promo plan and helped me with some pre-release prep. Danielle’s wonderful about offering up suggestions—often from a reader’s perspective, which has been invaluable. I highly recommend Author’s Pal (aka Danielle)!”

Tracey Devlyn, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Danielle is pleasant, responsive, and eager to please. She does a great job administrating the Dangerous Darlings five-author street team, which involves many moving parts and a variety of personalities. It’s nice to have someone to depend on to keep all the details straight!”

Tracey March, author of The Practice Proposal

“Danielle Gorman is a trusted resource that I depend on when time is short. She’s responsive, dedicated and attentive to the small details I always miss. I’d be lost without her!”

Adrienne Giordano, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Danielle is a blessing! She helped me with so much, from updating my website and Facebook page, to designing amazing promotional graphics, to styling my newsletter. She is professional, prompt and patient. I threw a ton at her and she graciously delivered on everything and far exceeded my expectations. She cares about her work and she cares about the people she’s helping. She is fantastic to work with and always willing to go that extra step. I am so grateful to her and plan to use her services again and again in the future!”

Robin Bielman, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Danielle was an essential and much appreciated part of my debut book launch and blog tour. She made a complex process run smoothly and efficiently. She answered every question made excellent suggestions. Her graphics are lovely and her resources invaluable. I would highly recommend Author’s Pal to both debut and experienced authors!”

Wendy LaCapra, author of Lady Vice

I was recommended to Danielle Gorman from a good friend and author. Dani is an amazing busy-author’s assistant who works fast and hard and always answers my inquiries in short time. Aside from helping with artistic graphics and formatting my newsletters, Dani has proven to be a wonderful web designer. We have recently worked together on designing my gorgeous new website and it has been a positive experience from start to finish. Her knowledge of social media and all components is excellent and I highly recommend her services.

Charlene Sands, USA Today Bestselling Author

I love working with Dani at Author’s Pal because I never have to worry, I know it’s going to get done beyond my expectations.

Avery Flynn, Award Winning Author

I love working with Danielle—she keeps me organized and anticipates tasks, which is so helpful. She has a fantastic, professional attitude and work ethic and a willingness to learn and try new things. I highly recommend her services!

Darcy Burke, USA Today Bestselling Author

Thank goodness for Danielle! Her help has been absolutely invaluable, and her responsiveness is unparalleled. She’s efficient, anticipates needs, and is always kind and eager to assist in any way. When marketing efforts seem overwhelming, I turn to Danielle and she pulls off everything beautifully, whether it’s organizing a blog tour or producing teaser graphics for my new book release. I highly recommend Author’s Pal!

Christy Carlyle, USA Today Bestselling Author

Danielle is amazing. Hands down, no contest. I was fortunate enough to meet with her in person before I purchased her services, and I have to tell you that I walked away from our first meeting knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I would be emailing her before the week was through. She has helped in the preparation of advanced reader copies, newsletter prep, and public relations information. There is never a time that I feel, as a customer, that my time is being wasted. And, if I have a question or concern, she is quick to reply. I 100% recommend her services to any author.

April Canavan, author of Kismet

Danielle is a lifesaver! As a busy debut author with tight deadlines, I so appreciate her dedication and attention to detail. She’s an incredible asset to any author, and I trust her immensely!

Carrie DiRisio, author of Brooding YA Hero Becoming a Main Character